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 Important Advisory Notice on NH Cancer Law


Our Purpose and Beliefs

The purpose of this organization shall be to:
  • Promote and develop professionalism in all aspects of the fire service including, but not limited to emergency medical services, emergency management, and the protection of life, property and the environment. ·
  • Promote research and effective and efficient methods of suppression, prevention, training, and public education as it relates to all aspects of the fire service. ·
  • Promote and lobby for legislative changes that will aid the fire service in carrying out its functions. ·
  • Provide leadership qualities for the New Hampshire Fire Service and such other matters as the interest of the Fire Service may, from time to time, bring to our attention.
Providing Leadership, Education, and Advocacy for the New Hampshire Fire Service.
The Vision of the NHAFC is to create a self-sustaining organization that promotes leadership, mentoring, development and empathy in the NH Fire Service. 
The organization shall foster an atmosphere of creativity, cohesiveness, professionalism, and integrity as its core value.


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January 9, 2020, NHAFC Business Meeting will be held at the NH Fire Academy.  Breakfast is available for $16.00.  Please Register!


After the meeting, Todd LeDuc will present a short presentation in the academy auditorium on Firefighter Health and Safety and cancer screening.  Experts consider police officers and firefighters to have the highest risk for heart disease, pulmonary disease, and cancer of any occupation. With the ever-increasing extreme physical requirements, high-stress environments, and chaotic schedules police and fire departments must look towards new methods of prevention and intervention to protect the health and ensure the longevity of your most valuable assets…your employees.  Life Scan Wellness Centers is the largest and most trusted provider nationally of annual public safety fit-for-duty and wellness exams. Including post-offer candidate exams, OSHA respiratory protection programs, vaccines, and general employee exams at the same time integrating a model of early detection and prevention.